Stewart Muir

Across a multi-decade international career as a journalist, communicator and corporate executive, Stewart has consistently infused his work with genuine passion and authenticity. At Headwaters Strategy Group, he has cultivated a skilled team of communicators, creatives and digital strategists with decades of expertise across a range of industries and subject areas relevant to challenges in today’s public relations environment.

Stewart’s extensive expertise encompasses diverse domains, from supporting nationally-significant investments in natural resources to working closely with executives and senior leaders in both the public and private sectors to improve their performance.

His dedication to sensing and articulating the visions and values of others distinguishes him not just as a journalist, but also as a visionary adept at forging connections, nurturing ideas and igniting transformative change.


Barinder Rasode

Barinder Rasode is an activist at heart, thriving in innovation, diversity, equality, and community building. As a co-founder and investor in the bioscience space, she is committed to creating better ways to achieve wellness and revolutionizing how things are done.

In the bioscience industry, Barinder is well-known for her remarkable achievements. She co-founded HAVN Life, a natural health and psychedelics company, and achieved success with Tersa. Her dedication to bioscience is further exemplified by her work with Kyn Biosciences.

Beyond her entrepreneurial ventures, she served two terms as a City of Surrey Councillor and made significant contributions to the largest health authority in British Columbia. Her career is a unique fusion of business acumen and public service, establishing her as a prominent figure in the bioscience industry and a respected community advocate. During her time at the City of Surrey her portfolio included crime reduction and transportation she organized a community summit and played a vital role as a co-founder of SheTalks, a women’s speakers series.


Margareta Dovgal

Margareta is a strategic communicator and public policy commentator. She is the Managing Director of the Resource Works Society, a Vancouver-based non-profit, a role in which she also leads the annual Indigenous Partnerships Success Showcase.

Margareta has cultivated a skill set for strategic analysis at the nexus of technology and public policy. She advises industry and stakeholders on natural resource development, with a focus on reconciliation, innovation, and community relations.

Margareta completed a Master of Public Administration in Energy, Technology and Climate Policy at University College London – a program within the Faculty of Engineering – graduating with Distinction. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Asian Area Studies from the University of British Columbia.

In her consulting practice, Margareta’s wide-ranging expertise and networks in federal, provincial and municipal politics equip her to help clients navigate uncertainty and decision-making in a complex, rapidly changing world.

Principal – Headwaters Indigenous

Chief (Xalek) Ian Campbell

A respected Hereditary Chief of the Squamish Nation, Chief Campbell embodies a blend of ancestral leadership and contemporary business acumen. His tenure of over two decades in community relations and governance marks him as a pivotal figure in the advancement of Indigenous rights and environmental stewardship.

Educated at Simon Fraser University, where he earned his MBA, Chief Campbell’s leadership transcends traditional roles. His sixteen-year service as an elected councillor reflects his commitment to his people. As a lead negotiator for the Squamish Nation, he has pioneered initiatives such as the Woodfibre LNG project’s environmental assessment, establishing benchmarks in Indigenous environmental governance.

Chief Campbell’s work through the MST Development Corporation highlights his strategic role in facilitating landmark partnerships between the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations, driving forward a vision of sustainable and prosperous community development.

His stewardship in land use planning, renewable energy, and resource management is underscored by his role as Chairman of the Governance Council at the Indigenous Partnerships Success Showcase. With a lineage rooted in the village of K’ik’elxn, Chief Campbell’s voice is integral in the conversation on cultural preservation and economic partnership.

A proud father, Chief Campbell’s legacy is one of bridging worlds, empowering Indigenous communities, and fostering resilient partnerships for future generations. His tireless advocacy and strategic insight remain invaluable as he guides our work at Headwaters Indigenous.


Taylor Verrall

Taylor Verrall is an experienced public relations consultant, campaign strategist, and graphic designer. His work in navigating BC’s complex media and political landscape has allowed him to deliver victories for candidates and organizations across the province.

Prior to joining Headwaters, Taylor served as Director of Communications for ABC Vancouver, playing a key role in their 2022 landslide victory. Taylor subsequently served as Director of Communications for Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim.

As a professional graphic designer, Taylor brings extensive experience in developing brand identities and visual assets for high-profile organizations across British Columbia.


Simon Turner

Simon brings a wealth of experience from his tenure as a policy advisor to the Mayor of London (UK), where he crafted innovative policies to enhance the commuting experience for key nighttime workers, fostering a sense of ownership and safety. At Gresham Financial Strategies, he donned multiple hats – researcher, analyst, and project coordinator. One of his standout achievements was spearheading a $25 million initiative aimed at bolstering consumer savings.

With a solid foundation in International Relations from Cardiff University and an advanced degree in Digital Technologies and Policy from University College London, Simon possesses a unique blend of policy acumen and technological expertise. Simon was the lead presenter representing UCL in the Cyber 9/12 Cybersecurity Policy Challenge, presenting cybersecurity policy to a panel of experts and industry leaders. Simon’s academic prowess is further highlighted by his groundbreaking research at UCL on data portability which was published in July 2020 and November 2023.

At Headwaters Strategy, Simon leverages his multifaceted background to devise impactful strategies and ensure tangible outcomes for our clients.

Senior Associate, Issues Management

Karen Graham

Karen’s career spans two decades practicing and advising on issues management, public policy and external relations for British Columbia business organisations and the natural resources sectors. She has directed public policy analysis, economic development initiatives, risk management, and crisis communications within organisations and on behalf of clients. Her collaborative, pragmatic approach to relationships and problem-solving contributes to successful outcomes for clients.

She has served as Issues Management/Crisis Communications Lead for the LNG 2023 global conference with Headwaters Strategy Group; Director of Public Policy and Communications for the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade; Senior Policy Advisor to the Business Council of British Columbia; and Senior Advisor, Issues Management for Spectra Energy’s Canadian LNG project subsidiary.


Keith Douglas

Born and raised in East Vancouver, Keith’s fervor for the great outdoors steered him towards a journey spanning over three decades, guiding through the picturesque terrains of Smithers and the Skeena region in North Central BC. These extensive travels didn’t just offer him a front-row seat to the breathtaking wilderness of BC, but also honed his perceptive and analytical skills, granting him unparalleled insights into the people, places, and issues pivotal to Canada’s most critical transportation and communication networks.

Now based on the scenic Vancouver Island, Keith is our go-to expert for research and client/stakeholder engagement. His analytical prowess is evident as he’s the mastermind behind our bespoke online monitoring and analysis services, which many of our clients deem indispensable.

Throughout his multifaceted career, Keith has showcased his adaptability and wisdom. From helming an elite heli-fishing tourism venture and managing a stock photography enterprise to co-founding a fish conservation and advocacy group and offering wise counsel as its spokesperson, Keith’s experiences are as varied as the landscapes he’s explored.

With a blend of eclectic skills, perceptive insights, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Keith stands as an invaluable asset to the Headwaters team.


Aanush Shah

As an Associate in Public Relations and Communications at Headwaters Strategy Group, Aanush is skilled at messaging, digital strategy, and content creation, ensuring that his clients’ stories can resonate on both the global and local scale. His experience in political campaigns has fine-tuned his grassroots operational skills and deepened his understanding of effective multicultural engagement.

Aanush’s background in non-profit organizations, as well as an academic background in International Relations and Economics, equips him to provide a diverse range of strategic communications services. Aanush holds a Bachelors of Arts from the University of British Columbia, and lives in Vancouver.